Our marshmallow products are available in the following delicious flavours!

  • Apple Pie – All the goodness of delicious spiced fresh apple pie in an amazingly light, fluffy marshmallow cloud
  • Cherry Drop – This one will take you back to that little lolly shop you’d take 10cents into and leave with a bag full of your favourite cherry flavoured treats
  • Peppermint Choc Chip – There’s just something about beautifully fresh peppermint with those little surprise pieces of rich dark chocolate isn’t there? Something that this little guy delivers with gusto
  • Cinnamon Scroll – Sweet cinnamon and brown sugar combined to make this delicious bakery inspired treat
  • Espresso Shot – With the aroma and body of your perfect latte you’ll fall in love with this amazing alternative to the traditional caffeinated pick me up
  • Fairy Unicorn – This one is a thing of fairy tales, bright colourful and playfully sweet, fairy floss with more substance, but just as light
  • Lemon Curd – With the ripples of tart lemon curd mixed through the sweet and fluffy marshmallow 
  • Pink Grapefruit – The fresh and zesty grapefruit gives a citrus lift and a refreshing edge to this sweet marshmallow
  • Salted Caramel – Rich ribbons of silky smooth salted caramel swirled through this soft marshmallow
  • Salted Hot Chocolate – As you may have heard, salt and dark chocolate are best friends, especially in this Salted Hot Chocolate marshmallow
  • Turkish Delight – Like it’s namesake this delightful marshmallow has a subtle floral rose flavour to it to rival the traditional bouquet
  • Tutti Frutti Galaxy – A long time ago, a galaxy far far away, this playfully flavoured marshmallow made a perfect present for any lover of the bright and fantastical
  • Vanilla Bean – The classic, the original, the winner and still champion, delightfully sweet Madagascan Vanilla Bean