that will
make you

The Friendly Marshmallow Co marshmallows are made with

Vegan Friendly!
NO Gelatin
NO Egg
& NO Gluten

After not being able to enjoy marshmallows for many years due to allergies, our family realised that the humble marshmallow needed a bit of an ingredient make over. Light, fluffy and soft, just like how you always remember marshmallows being, our plant based sweet treats deliver real flavour in a Friendly package!

Why buy Friendly Marshmallows?

Because we are! Not just with our top notch customer service and crowd pleasing, light fluffy marshmallows, but by being entirely plant based we are friendly to the environment, friendly to those with allergies or dietary preferences, and friendly to animals. 

We use small batch production, utilising traditional hand crafted methods, if not those old fashioned ingredients, alongside all natural, made from scratch, organic goodies & flavourings to bring you marshmallows as you remember them.